When a baby is in the NICU, the whole family needs support. Your gift could give staff and volunteers new knowledge and skills to help.

Some families call a baby’s stay in the NICU a roller coaster—it can seem like every happy high is followed by a staggering low. And it can be hard to deal with the feelings that arise.

We’re there to help. Parents can turn to March of Dimes-trained NICU staff for education, support and family-centered care to help them cope with the challenges of their NICU stay.

Your gift will help us train nurses, staff and volunteers. They receive knowledge that elevates the compassionate care they give—and that makes a family’s roller coaster ride just a little smoother.

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Give a NICU Team March of Dimes Training

During the uncertainty of their baby’s NICU stay, there’s one thing families can count on—support from March of Dimes. Your gift will help hospitals offer much-needed support and care.

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    You help empower every mom and every family—and you help give every baby the best possible start.

“We were trying to stay positive,” remembers Stacey. She’d had what she calls a “picture-perfect” pregnancy—until she went into labor at 27 weeks. But despite the optimism she and her husband tried to summon, she knew the situation was serious. “At one point, I didn’t want to have the baby because I was so scared.”

March of Dimes was there for Stacey and her family with information and steadfast support, both during her hospital bed rest and after her daughter Maxie’s birth. “I felt a loss of control as a parent in the NICU,” she says. That’s a feeling that’s all too common when a child is born early or ill. The cure—letting families take their place at the center of their baby’s care.

We equip caregivers with powerful tools to improve NICU families’ experiences. We teach nurses, staff and volunteers how to establish a practice of family-centered care, which treats parents as the vital partners they are. And we reach more than 45,000 families each year with NICU Family Support, offering knowledge and comfort through their child’s stay.

The result? A skilled and supportive team in the NICU. Empowered, involved parents. A stronger start for babies like Stacey’s daughter Maxie—and more chances for families to grow and thrive together.

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