It may look like a simple onesie, decorated for Halloween. But it’s more—it’s one way moms and dads can enjoy the days with their new baby. Your gift will craft inventive ways to help families in the NICU.

During a baby’s NICU hospitalization, she may not be the only one who needs specialized care. March of Dimes is there for moms and dads with NICU Family Support.

In facilities throughout the country, this pioneering program offers information and comfort to families during a uniquely stressful time. We train staff to keep parents at the center of their child’s care, supporting and encouraging them as their confidence grows. That helps create the connections all new families need—and build the bonds that give babies their strongest possible start.

Your gift can provide one family with NICU Family Support—education and empowerment through the course of their baby’s stay.

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Give One Family Comfort and Care Through NICU Family Support

When a baby enters the NICU, her family does, too. Your gift can support them with education and emotional care, provided by March of Dimes NICU Family Support in hospitals nationwide.

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How it works

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    Choose a symbolic gift that helps moms and babies, and supports our vital work on their behalf.

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    Send an eCard to let someone special know about your gift. They’ll be moved—and maybe even inspired to help, too.

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    You help empower every mom and every family—and you help give every baby the best possible start.

“Having a premature baby was definitely not the plan,” remembers Samantha, whose son was born at 27 weeks, 1 day. She and her husband were blindsided by Abraham’s early birth—and immediately thrown into the strange new world of the NICU.

“The first few hours, days, and even weeks were the scariest of my entire life,” she says. And no wonder. At a time when they were deeply concerned for the health of their child, they also had to contend with a daunting learning curve and an unsettling new reality: What are all these machines attached to my baby? How can I help care for him? Why can’t I hold him today?

Through March of Dimes, Samantha and her husband Tommie found answers—and a steady source of support that empowered them as parents. While Abraham’s medical caregivers looked after his health, Samantha says our NICU Family Support team helped the family adjust, comforting them when setbacks occurred, cheering on every victory and encouraging the bonds that make a family truly a family. “They became friends,” she finishes simply, “and not just health care professionals.”

Because of our work, people like Samantha and Tommie can experience the NICU as a positive place that nurtures not just their child but their entire family, too. Through programs that promote family-centered care, education and mentorship, we make it possible for parents to feel at ease, rather than overwhelmed. And that helps give them and their babies the strongest possible start.

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