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Supporter Wish Lists

What’s your wish for moms, babies and families? The strong and healthy start they all deserve. You can make that possible with your March of Dimes Wish List. Create one and choose the gifts that reflect how you’d like to help. Then share it with friends and supporters and invite them to contribute. They’ll help your wish come true—and so will March of Dimes.

Father's Day 2019

Celebrate Hero Dads everywhere and help support the health of all moms, babies and families.

For Felix

Instead of a birthday gift for Felix, let's give every baby the chance to thrive. Donate a gift from our list, and we can make a difference.

A grandpa's wish

I want all the best for my sweet girl and want you to know how thankful we were you were taken care of in the hospital. we'll raise money so other kids can all get the help you got my love

No Presents this Birthday

I'm turning 41 this year. What do I need presents for? Instead, please make one of these donations to this incredible organization. They help moms and babies get the care they need when it's most important. Help the babies!

For Nelly and Lulu

In honor of our precious daughters, here's a list of gifts that will help other babies when they're born grow up happy and healthy like these two.