A baby’s future is brighter when she’s born strong and healthy. Your gift will help give babies their best possible start.

A baby’s future is brighter when she’s born strong and healthy—and when her mom is empowered by Supportive Pregnancy Care.

This innovative March of Dimes program educates expectant moms in a positive group setting. Focusing on social support, health education, and skill building, Supportive Pregnancy Care gives moms the knowledge they need to have a healthier pregnancy.

Moms get care and connection—and babies benefit, too: Research shows group prenatal care improves birth outcomes. With your gift, we can provide Supportive Pregnancy Care for one mom, which will also give her baby a stronger, healthier start.


Give a Baby the Benefits of Better Prenatal Care

Every baby deserves the best possible start. Your gift will make this possible through group prenatal care for her mom.

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    You help empower every mom and every family—and you help give every baby the best possible start.

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